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Working in West London I'm getting the runaround by London Power Networks (DNO) and Eon (Supplier).

I'm working on a house split into two flats. The suppy is a TNS into 2 1361's.
The first fuseholder has one live and 2 neutrals one to the downstairs meter and one to a sealed enclosure then upstairs inside a copper pipe protected cable.
Live is looped to the second 1361 holder and out to the downstairs meter.
All 16mm tails.

The earth is clamped (not sweated) with what looks like a standard 951 clamp. Gives a reasonable reading but seems a bit loose to me. No way am I tightening it 'round that lead and paper concoction!

Had a too and fro with the DNO and the supplier. DNO refuses to provide an isolator or do the fuse de-energise re-energise tango. Referred to supplier, no contact given.
Spoke to manager.
I insisted that the earth clamp is theirs (;-), they said they dont maintain their connections and all their joints are sweated (theyre not!). I insisted that they do use clamps and then they said what clamps they use! Insisted they were responsible for maintaining their equipment. They eventually said they would make an appointment with the client (1-6weeks time!) for the earth.
There is no main earth for upstairs, just a 951 from the water running paralell to the main cable..

On to the supplier,Eon, they said they always refer people back to the DNO and were surprised. Promised to ring me back. I rang them and they were still 'investigating'. I just don't get this it's a bog standard request!
I'm really hoping its the DNO that eventually has to pull the fuses here as if it's the suppliers then upstairs is a diferent supplier, arggghh!

(this is a shortened version of the many phone calls back and forthe over about 4 hours!)

What should I do here? I'm trying to do the right thing here, especially as I'm now on record as requesting a fuse pull and will be on record for hooking up the CCU.

I could loop the Main Earth onto the copper outer pipework of the upstairs supply using a 951?

Who is actually responsible for pulling the fuse here? (I always thought it was the DNO but manager says diferent)
How do I get past the call centre and uncooperative DNO manager?

Anyone out there had this work done in West London? Can give me the secret of your success?

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well i thought it was the DNOs responsibility to maintain an earth for THEIR PROPERTY which includes service heads and as such....is also for them to pull bullits as they can say "you interfered with our supply equipment"....or words to that effect.....but are they just a pain when it comes to maintaining their property....as my boss n I recently found out......look at page 17 in the OSG.....2.2.1..DISTRIBUTERS CUT-OUT...try quoteing em that......


It's deffo the DNOs responsibility to pull the fuse and reinstate it, try their new connections dept as it may be a chargeable service! As for the earth, if they've provided one to the property in the past then they're legally obliged to maintain that earth unless there's a special safety reason.


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Thanks, I need to find a way of getting the DNO to fulfil their reponsibilities. I cant believe I'm having these problems, how many CCU's are changed a week in the London area I wonder?
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