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I have been deliberating over doing an electrical course for quite some time now but I am getting increasingly dispondant as to which route to take. My local college is fully booked up now until next year, and I am not sure I'd get accepted as I'm the wrong side of 25! I cant really afford to do an intensive course with a price tag of £6000 and no-one seems remotely interested in taking me on as an apprentice without some sort of previous experience. So you see my problem.
I am now considering doing my C&G 2330 Level 2 and 3 at home by studying the course books and getting some practice papers and the exam simulator and then taking the exam as an external candidate at my local college, they have said this is possible. I understand that I need plenty of practical experience and my intention is that if I can get the qualifications this way I will then try and get an apprenticeship or work placemement to gain my NVQ 2356. Any advice gratefully appreciated. Cheers.
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hey dude,

bridgwater college do 2330 level 2 and 3 via distance learning. They send you all the paper work and you work your way through it, once you've done it all, you go down to them for three days and sit the 4 GOLA exams and the 2 practical exams. Each level is around £800 ALOT cheaper than a private company charging £3000 per level.

Stratford college also do both 2330 level 2 and 3 via distance learning. Same sort of set up but they send you it all on cd's so it's a bit cheaper about £700 each level of both for £950!!

But remember if you study like this you wont have any practical experience and getting a job will still be difficult! Best bet is to offer your self out of free for a few days, write letters, go to wholesalers etc. maybe call round a see if you can work shadow someone every Saturday.

hope this helps


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Being the wrong age of 25 shouldn't be a problem (your under 25 I take it ;) ).
Guys on my course range from 20-44.

A avenue you could explore is try and get on a building site as a labourer, ok, it may be crap money (£6ph) but you should meet loads of sparks, plumbers, etc. Your gaining site experience at the same time.

Another way, get Yellow Pages out, find Electricians and call each and every one of them asking if they need an extra pair of hands, labourer. Maybe don't be asking for an electricians mate job yet as, as you've stated yourself, you've no hands on experience (yet).

Be ready for enrolment next year (August I believe?). I know it's probably not the answer you want to hear but, if you want it...

Distance learning? I'm not swayed by it to be honest mate.

Hope I've helped some?


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Age isn't your problem at all. - Myself and Bane are both doing out training, and nether of us are fresh faced youths anymore!

Your biggest problem you've got to tackle is getting that first start with someone. I had to pester the 'uck out of my boss to give me a start, what with the way the economy is at the moment. Like Bain says, you just got to start making contact, writing and telephoning people to try and get that initial start. Once your in the trade and got just a little experience helping out the electricians, then start thinking about the training. - If you're in the trade, you could look at doing an adult apprenticeship, which is what I'm doing. I get my C&G levels 2 and 3, my NVQ levels 2 and 3 and the dreaded AM2 test at the end of it, and that's all paid for by the government.

Don't go paying out lots of money for courses. Look at the section on here where jobs and people looking for jobs post. So many of the posts are form lads who have paid out and got the C&G, but are still desperate to try and get some experience, and to find some work.

It may take a lot of asking and looking, and you may have to leave it a bit till things pick up a bit, but if you're keen, eventually someone will give you a go.



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Nope age isnt a problem at all, I am 34 now just starting yr3 of 2330. I am one of the more youthful on my course (evenings that is not sure about day courses)


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I have a job guarenteed if I did the 12week intensive course at weston college, but they have no space until march. I am now considering the bridgwater distance course as i can work for a contractor whilst learning in my own time

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