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Sister, just moved in into a newly renovated bungalow, and the hot plate is wired in but the oven is not.

She reported the issue and the landlord said to just put in a 13A plug on it and plug it in the socket that is hidden in the cubboard beside it.

Told her not do touch it with a barge pole, sounds like the guy should pay an electrician. The worry is that if she tell him to get it sorted, the guy gonna put a 13A plug on the oven himself.

Not too sure how strongly she should put the argument, as she don't really want to sleep outside neither with her 2 kids.

Any law or building reg specific that can help, so she can point the guy in the right direction?


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Morally you are correct, but not sure about putting a plug top on mate, if it was a major electrical job i would say don,t touch it, but a plug top, well , not sure.


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A lot of single ovens these days are rated at around 13 Amps so it may be perfectly ok.

If you do put a plug on, the worse that COULD happen is that it will keep blowing the 13A fuse.

If thats the case then it needs hard wiring into its own dedicated circuit.


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Just as a matter of interest mate and i should really have asked you this before, whats the oven rated at, there will be a spec plate somewhere usually on the back.


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Whats the wattage of the oven ? will be in kw


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Thanks for the help. Very much appreciated.

The wattage is 2.8kw


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wattage 2.8kw = 2800 / 230 = 12.18 amps

13 amp looks ok.


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According to the wattage, a plug-top with a 13A fuse fitted should be fine..
If it was my house i would have it fitted on its own supply anyway, just to take the loading off the ring main.
It also depends if the kitchen is on its own ring, all downstairs on one ring, or is the house on one big ring, could also have a broken ring or some bodgy electrician decided on a big radial..:)
Hope this helped..


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should have its own dedicated circuit not off the ring


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make sure you check the manufacturers DESTRUCTIONS as a lot say do not wire into plug but hard wire.

we had a kitchen fitted by a so called part p qualified kitchen fitter last year, before I qualified and when i came to change my cu I found he had just plugged the cooker in and plugged the fridge and freezer into the ring (and not via fused spurs as he told us when he'd finished) behind all the built in bits. so until i have time and the money to redo it all, if a fuse goes i have to rip out half my kitchen.

strangley enough i can't get him to talk to me now. oh yes and he never gave me a single cert to show he had tested anything as he also put in spurs which he then spurred off of as well. god the list goes on.

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