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That t&e across and down the wall looks shocking as well. At least use a bit of mini trunking.


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Also noted while I was there that the extract fan has no ducting to the exterior at all and instead vents through a 4 inch wall straight into the staff kitchenette via a shutter! There's a list of other electrical and building work horrors that the builder has done on behalf of the new tenants. It beggars belief what some people will accept and pay for.
Another little one from me (but worth a mention). Old lamp column. BS1361 fuse clearly failed / lost an end cap at some point. Fuse wire wrapped around the old one.(NB I did replace with the correct fuse)

In a HMO somebody has been very creative with bypassing the meter, so they unscrewed the neutral in the incomer covered it in tape then shoved it back in, used the earth as the neutral as its a pme system, completely butchering the cu in the process.


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