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Dodgy trade pictures for your amusement! - 1 Million Views!

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Right ... Just been nudged to set this up by Paul.M and sounds a good idea following recent threads I've done in the Arms..

Rules....No Offensive material... edit if required before posting as this is the public arena.
Anything to do with the trade or in and around it ...H&S pic's welcome.

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg

I've posted this a few times and this is at a mates house following a kitchen refirb several yrs ago. :eek:mg_smile:

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg
Why…. How?… eh?

3 rcbo’s sitting in the bottom of board, connected with fly lead but no space on busbar.

Insulated screwdriver? I bet he’s borrowed that just to do the board.

And how does he get the cover back on?
The mainswitch is taking the “MK lean” far too seriously.

My point about the cover was that there is a t&e just leaving the open front. Not be able to replace the cover without cutting a little slot….
I can't blame a fellow spark for this but some of the previous work was dubious to say the least.

I got a call to a pub that had previous evidence of a rat invasion and they had chewed through the cable supplying the outside lights under the floor space in the first floor.

Yesterday whenever the hand dryer was switch on it tripped the RCD. IR test showed a short on all three wires. Followed it back from the gents roof space above to discover this. Ehmmm nice wires says Mr Rat! My understanding is that vermin will chew through anything that blocks their path, rather than the thought that they are simply sharpening their teeth. The hand dryer was spurred off the lighting circuit for the toilets, neither the cable or the breaker were spec'd high enough to handle the power of the dryer anyway.

At first it wasn't really obvious that the chewing had happened until you pulled the wires back through the hole in the wall. What gave it away was the black marks all over the cable that something had been passing back and forth. The hole leads back under the living room floor for the accommodation above the pub. So I by passed the dodgy part of the cable back to the CU with a temporary cable, until the laminated floor can be lifted next week to see what lies beneath? My Jack Russell is coming with me next week just in case!!

Even better still, who saw the need for the wedge to hold the door open :nonod:

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