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Dodgy trade pictures for your amusement! - 1 Million Views!

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Right ... Just been nudged to set this up by Paul.M and sounds a good idea following recent threads I've done in the Arms..

Rules....No Offensive material... edit if required before posting as this is the public arena.
Anything to do with the trade or in and around it ...H&S pic's welcome.

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg

I've posted this a few times and this is at a mates house following a kitchen refirb several yrs ago. :eek:mg_smile:

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg
Like this, found last week...?

View attachment 114999

A little depressing when you see stuff posted on here as antiques, that you've fitted as new.
Later versions of these switches has similar switch mechanisms inside to modern plate switches, but earlier versions had a totally different underslung over centre mechanism that gave a fast make and fast break, which was suitable for switching DC as well as AC.
New extension and old house refurbished. Builder moved service head himself and made the access hatch sooo small everything is inaccessible. Electrical work was done by a sparky 😳 Cable outside on the roofing tin was found to be live and just taped up.

Builders had a melt because the works been callled out!




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OK I will bite, what are those grey oblong terminal blocks above the RCBO's, not part of them as they don't line up, been out of the game for a while, I know the orange thing on the right, but those blocks are a new one on me. (surge protection maybe ?)

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