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I'm planning to start up my own electrical business.I have done my C&G2330 Electrical Installation Levels 2&3 and 17th Edition.
What are the requirements to join the NIC Domestic scheme and what does it cost.I've been on the website but can't find anything regarding the prices and requirements.Is there another website/link explaining the scheme better perhaps?
Can anyone PLEASE give me advice on this topic,it will be much appreciated.



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Best thing to do is phone them up direct and request an information pack.

It will have everything you need to know in it, including what literature and insurances you need to have.


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Hi Mate,

...and don't bother filling in the information request form on their website. I did this and after a month of no info arriving, phoned them up only to be told "we don't bother sending info to people who request it through the website any more, as we get too many enquiries"......so why still have the information request page on the site???!!!


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Do as Jason said and call them up and ask for details about their membership.

If you are serious about setting up your own business consider all the schemes including Napit and Elecsa as they are ALL government approved.

Get info off all of them and choose one that is going to be the best suited for your business and the type of work you intend to do.

PS: Don't forget you will be flying the flag for who ever you choose. They need to be flying the flag for you through support!

Good Luck!

Warren :)


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Thank you guys for the helpful tips,this is the best forum by far!



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this is pasted from a email the nic sent me last week regarding joining there di scheme........

Thank you for your enquiry with NICEIC. Registration is now easier than ever before, and following this email you should have a better understanding of our requirements are:

Contractor requirements:

3)Work to show

1) Qualifications – The minimum expectation required is a 16th edition qualification or equivalent or 17th edition. If you are looking at registering after July 1st 2008, you will require a 17th edition. Equivalent qualifications include

City & Guilds 2382 (17th Edition Wiring Regulations)
City & Guilds 2386
City & Guilds – Part 2 Theory
City & Guilds 2350 (must have all modules)
City & Guilds 2400 (must have all modules)
City & Guilds NVQ Level 3
A M Level 2 (AM2) (Achieved Measurement 2)
EAL (Level 2) (All 17 Modules Needed)
DISQ (Level A) (Domestic Installer Scheme Qualification)
City & Guilds 2330 (Parts 1, 2, & 3)
VRQ Level 2 – EAL

We do however offer a conditional registration if you have no qualifications, allowing you to join us providing you can provide us with the relevant qualifications within a year of joining us. A 2391 is not required to join this scheme.

2)Insurance – You are required to have public liability of £2,000,000. This will protect your business against injury to a third party or their property, as a result of negligence on your part. To get a quote from NICEIC insurance call 0845 601 2376.

3)Works to show – You will be required to show us two jobs for assessment purposes. This normally includes showing us a major and a minor job. Major jobs include; rewires, consumer unit change, new installation, new final circuits; Minor works can be as minor as changing a socket outlet, or replacing a damaged cable in a single circuit on a like for like basis. You will need to test and inspect your works so we can gauge whether you can test your own work and fill out the correct certificates.

Steps to registration
To apply for NIC registration the first step is to pay your fee. This fee is £434.75, which includes an application fee, an assessment fee, and your first years annual fee as well. The most cost effective and simple way to apply is to call us up and pay your fees. Once this is processed we will move you onto stage two – sending out documentation for you to return. Once we have received this back you will be allocated an assessment date. In the time between your payment and your assessment you should notify building control so that you can have sufficient cover for your works.

You will have two weeks prior to your assessment date to make a cancellation by letter. On the day of your assessment we will come to your first site, and look over your work, as well as getting you to test and inspect your work. The same will apply for your second site. For any more information on your assessment again please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you already have the sites and a card payment of £425.50, I can do what is called a fastrack for you. This will enable you to be assessed in around 6-8 weeks (normal process takes up to 3 months) as well as saving you around twenty five pounds. If you wish to fastrack or have any other questions regarding the scheme either send me and email or call 01582556548and I can help you.

I look forward to hearing from you



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And also make sure you have EVERYTHING in place before your day, as it will be expensive if they have to come back to re-asses.


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And also make sure you have EVERYTHING in place before your day, as it will be expensive if they have to come back to re-asses.
Could not stress this enough, any excuse for a revisit at over £200 +

You need test instrument records, health and safety policy, complaints procedure, risk assessment forms and public liabilty cover all to produce on the day. If you are short on one they will allow you to forward them on at a later date. Be Pepared

good luck

There website is extreamly helpfull after you have paid your money and enter the members section for most of the forms required
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And make sure you show competency in testing, ie, why you are doing it and what the results mean!

I hear of many electricians who fall foul on this part, even though they have been 'doing it for years'!


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Thank again for the nice replies everyone.It helps a great deal.Bahco's e-mail forward clears it all up and the tips regarding being prepared with the documentation and knowledge of testing from all you other guys is much appreciated!
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