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hi guys
i work in electrical shop and i get a lot of customers come to purchase the down lighters but: when it comes to choose wich ones to takes from the mains or low voltage..they asck for my advice and i dont really know what to say??? is there any diffrentse in quality of lighting or in hazard in getting electricuted or saving energy?? or may be saving money in buying transformers !!or bulbs prices??even my boss could give me a proper answer!!
taa guys naff respect to ur help.
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Andy M

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Extra low voltage is brighter than GU10's

If they stay with GU10 though there is no need to tell building control unless it is the kitchen or bathroom. Also Low energy lamps are now available to fit GU 10 if they are worried about their carbon footprint.

At the end of the day you are only selling them, push what you have enough of in stock and remember.......................Bulls**t baffles brains


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hi andy
i knwo in the end of the day is all about reaching your target ..but is good to now as i'm doing the electrician course at the moment and to know the diffrence is result men!! you come across it may be to fit them ..u will know waht to choose!!
thans for your replay ..


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id always push the low voltage ones if it was me, some mains downlights dont come with the built in fire guard (b and q) so if you store are selling these and dont sell the fire hat seperatly i would recommend your boss gets rid of them all togeter. sooner or later everything will become low voltage anyways so might as well start now and do your bit for the good old environment


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Low voltage = pain in the behind. Transformers are unreliable and usually a pain to get to when trying to replace. Only advantage of l.v. is the whiter light they give.


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yeah i agree. 12v downlights have more components which can break down ie transformers! and i think they are a greater fire risk if anything as if they get caught under or in insulation they over heat.
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