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I'm a qualified domestic gas engineer and have a dual fuel meter installer interview next week, the job will involve installing single and three phase meters.

I don't hold any electrical quals (the company are aware of this) but obviously I want to get a heads up before the interview, there will be an electrical practical test and some electrical questions.

Could anyone shed some light on the type of practical test / questions I should expect relating to the single and three phase meters? Also are there any sources on the internet I could use to gather more information.

Any help massively appreciated, had my eye on this type of job for a while so want to give myself as much of a chance as possible.



The only thing you need to remember with whole current meters are polarity and phase rotation in the case of poly phase meters.


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They'll be more interested in knowing you can work safely and leave the installation safe.
There have been a few incidents recently of meter fixers leaving sites with Live and Neutral reversed, if it isn't already it should be instant dismissal.

You'll need to recognise the connections, mark them and refit them in the correct locations in the new meters.


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I'd certainly bloody hope so mate but apparently not. Another nail in the coffin of our trade
You could say it's for a gas engineer with necessary electrical experience/qualifications or an electrician with necessary gas experience/qualifications.

I know they are going to offer the relevant training for the right people so what's the problem? How is it a nail in the coffin of the electricians trade? By the look of the responses I've had on here and other forums, electricians wouldn't be interested in this type of work anyway!

Thanks for the helpful posts above (not the cynics!), could still do with some helpful information about single and three phase meters if possible please.



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Would they accept someone with no gas quals and have me changing gas meters after a couple of weeks training? I suspect not. My post wasn't intended as a dig at you personally and if that's the way it came across then I apologise.
As you say, you're going to be trained by the company so I wouldn't worry too much. It may be an idea to try to contact one of the current team of installers and ask them what the practical tests involve.
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