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I've just bought one of these (first installation tester). Playing around trying to get used to it, I can't get a reading higher than 0.00 Ohms on the loop impedance test. I've tried it on the furthest points on the loop at home and also on a commercial install.

Also, what is the Zi measurement it gives you on this test? When you turn the unit on and the whole LCD screen shows up you can see there are also Zs and Zr measurements at the top next to the Zi, yet they're not shown on the picture in the manual or mentioned anywhere.

I'm confused, do I need to get the unit changed to Zs to get a proper reading from it? It's a full UK spec unit with UK plug etc so can't see why it wouldn't come out of the box ready for use over here.

Maybe (probably) I'm being daft but as I said it's my first tester and this has thrown me a bit, I expected to just have a Zs setting on the wheel, showing up small resistances just above 0.
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hi ive got one of these as well, it sounds like your on about R lo when your getting 0.00, have you zerod your leads?
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Yeah, zeroed the mains lead with some bare wire as per instructions. Just strange there's no mention of Zs in the manual, yet loads of people are going on about measuring it using this machine :S


As i understand it (as i have always used the 1652) Zi is their way or saying that you want to measure loop impedance (either Zs or Ze). Are you using the 2 lead or 3 lead method?? I normally use the 3 lead, clipping the earth to that point and holding the other two, or using the plug like you. If you are getting 0.00 it sounds like you are on the wrong setting. Another thing i have noticed is that if the polarity is incorrect (arrows above N PE L indicator) it may misread.

Hope this helps. if not get back and I'll play with mine!!


Tronic is right the Zi setting is for use on Ze or Zs.
The unit should work straight from the box. You have been trying furthest point presumably with the three pin plug, try using the test leads and see if the meter works, it could be that the plug lead is faulty.


Using a Fluke 1652 today to test RCD's got ERROR 4 message on display on further investigation found this comes up when the earth lead is either not connected or is not making a very good contact.


Hi Cornburn.
I have the fluke 1653 tester but still should be the same method!.

Just give this a try because you should get a definate reading for this!.
1, plug the leads into the tester (the 1 with the plug top on)
2, plug this into a socket outlet
3, turn the tester on and set your dial to ''loop ZI''
4, and now press the test button!.

What you should get is a total Zs reading and will not show 0.00 ohms. If this does show 0.00 ohms you have a problem with either the tester or the test leads. Once you press the test button, take note for a bleep as this will tell you no voltage is present and could possibly indicate a polarity problem.
*Might be a idea to check the fuse in the test leads and the tester*
Let us know how you go on!, and hope the advice is relevent.
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Thanks everyone for the info. I've finally got it sorted now so am glad the unit's not duff! I'm already on my second in a week as the first failed the self test every time you turned it on. Started running through peoples suggestions then realised what it was.

Anyway, the problem was down to intermittent results when zeroing the test leads. It seems that the leads were reading a resistance of about 1.5 Ohms, so when the unit tried to subtract this figure from the loop value (say 0.5 ohms) the best figure it could come up with was 0.00, as it obviously can't show a negative resistance.

I had already tried zeroing the leads again but it still must have registered a higher resistance for the leads than for the loop. After trying many times wrapping a wire round as instructed, it seems to show up about 0.21 for the leads half the time and about 1.5 the rest of the time. I'll wire up a single socket tomorrow to zero it properly with a good connection.

You would have thought for £600 Fluke could have included a little metal cover or spring type device for you to put on the plug to zero it instead of telling you to wrap an old bit of wire around it!

Thanks again for all the replies, glad it turned out to be something simple!



Cornburn, If you cut a boit of DIN rail about 100mm long drill 3 small indents(do not drill thru) about 30mm apart. You'll find this easy to zero out ya test leads plus its about the right width across to zero your plug lead too....Its a great cheap timesaver:)


If I'm honest I stole the idea.....:) but its very effective and saves loads of messing about


I've just bought a 1652. when you select Z1 how do you then select Ze or Zs? (previously only used a metrel with which had loop or line)?


Hi johntom,

all you need is the Zi setting.

if you remove the supplimentry bonding from the consumer unit and turn the main breaker off, you can measure to get Ze using the Zi settong on the meter.

Then if you connect the bonding back up, and switch your circuit under test on, then take another measurement using your meter and Zi setting. This will give you Zs.

The second reading will be higher than the first. if you subtract Ze from Zs you should get your (R1 + R2).

Hope this helps,



thanks for your reply. So f1 button just selects between psc and pfc, what about f3?
thanks for your reply. So f1 button just selects between psc and pfc, what about f3?
You need to look at the manual ->
Hey Goody, they have probably got Fluke 1656's by now!!!lol
I thought the post is about 1652 and so I posted a link for that manual. Sorry If the info is out of date. Cheers!


I was only pokeing fun at you, it was NOT meant to be an insult, sorry if you took it that way! (Sorry for late reply been a tad busy!)
Fluke do a bent piece pf metal to short out the plug adapter and the probes, however as i dont have one with mine, i just use a draining board or similar



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