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Anyone used a EBS box sinking kit for fitting sockets in brick walls ect.? I'm still using a hammer and chisel at the moment and is a killer on the arms. Thinking of buying one so anyone who's used one of these kits and would like to give any input on what they think of them would be helpful.
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never used one myself...have heard both good and bad about them...think they'd struggle with hard brickwork myself. i just use an sds hammer drill and chisel bit...does the job grand.


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I Have Got The Ebs Box Sinking Set And They Do Save Time And Give A Neater Finish,they Do Work On Red Brick Just Takes A Bit Longer,**** Through Breeze No Probs.


Too much dust due to the grinding of the brick. Get an SDS with chisel bit. With a bit of practice you could carve the Venus de Milo


i agree whol hartidly, descent battery drill with chisel function, i used to have a bosch 36v hammer drill till some theiving t&$t took a fancy too it! used the ebs thing before and yeah it was ok but your always changing the bits over for the other attachment etc.


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Got the EBS but raely use it. It's OK in softer brickwork but can shatter bricks and it struggles on the hard stuff.
SDS and decent chisel bit works better and creates less dust. Plus as above you don't have to keep changing the attachments over.


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Use the ebs stuff on breeze block only, find it strugggles on brick. Mark out all boxes, go round with 1st bit then with square chisel. It has its place in my arsenal of equipment!!
I had a job sinking 15 off 35mm 2 gang boxes into soft red brick used a box sinking kit from e-bay, worked a bloody treat. no cracks or splits just neat square holes !
(can you have a square hole ?) Also great in breeze and I have done harder brick without
any issues. But it is a pain draging all the bits about.
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