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  • ECS Health & Safety – JIB
  • CITB Electrical Installation Level A Full Scope
  • 17th Edition C&G 2382-12. (Optional)
  • Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations. C&G 2394. (Optional.)

Qualifications stated by resettlement website, but when I go to the ECS card website none of these qualifications are listed. So what kind of card would I get for the qualifications listed there? Nothing seems to be relevent. It's asking for the 2330 which is something I am not going to have. In addition to this I won't be able to get the CSCS card with these qualifications either will I? If I go down an employed route; who is going to employ me without these cards? Every job posted on the job sites seems to be asking for these as pre requisites to applying for positions.


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you can get the ecs elf and safety card by doing the exam. cost £35. go tot the ECA website for info.


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You can get an ECS card, after you complete the ECS Health and Safety Exam.

There are different grades, depending on your qualifications they will grade you.

If you were to pass all those qualifications listed, you would either be graded a Trainee(3 levels), or an Electrician. From the qualifications listed, the "CITB Electrical Installation Level A Full Scope" would need to be an equivalent to NVQ 2360, 2330, 2356, or 2357 all at Level 3 to be an Electrician grade.

You need to contact the ECS to find out if that course is the equivalent.

Also, the 17th Edition is a must have.
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