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I applied to EDF for a feed in tarriff contract in mid February following my installation.
I still haven't received a contract from them although they do acknowledge receipt of the forms.
The say they are months behind with the paperwork.
Anybody else in the situation?
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Same over here, Customer applied to EDF end of feb, they have acknowledged all paperwork received and correct, but still waiting for contract,


The EDF Green team are very good especially with emails ie. dealing with your fit app by email and responding via the same way. You can call then FREE, but I always tend to think that if everyone kept doing this on a wim, all staff will be tied up doing this so I only made two calls over 5mths to progress my application and finally in the mid of April ( since Dec ) my contract was sent to me for signature via email in pdf format.

It was explained to me that the shear volume of applications they have had since last year has caused this situation and it was the constant announcements and changes in the FiT tariff scheme which only made the situation worse .

I'll also tell you now .... they are great at back dating and sending you a form to get your initial reading in but payment is really slow, one they have your reading as their payment terms are within 90days....... but when you get your remittance, its in the bank before you an say "greg barker"

The online system for giving your reading is also simple , quick and easy !

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Same here, installation/application late Feb and nothing yet. In April they were working on December's applications. I can't believe that they are so far behind when other providers are turning them around much quicker.

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