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I am doing a periodic inspection tomorrow and am confused on what paperwork I have to fill in?

Can I issue a periodic inspection report or do I have to issue the new EICR 8 page certificate?

It might be a stupid question but I dont do that much testing, thanks for your help.

SirKit Breaker

There are some confusions around all this.

In a nutshell.

You are still carrying out a Periodic Inspection and Test of an Electrical Installation, Check the regs or whatever, and you will still see that this terminology is still in use.

On completion, you will issue an Electrical Installation condition Report, and a generic Schedule of Test results. What you wont do any more is issue a Schedule of Inspections, as this form is for new installations only.

Dont fear the changes, the EICR is very straight forward to complete, you just need to get used to it.

I personally think it is easier and better than the old way.

Have a look in either GN3, OSG or BRB for examples of the EICR, or download it from somewhere.

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