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Hello Fellow Sparks

Just trying to sort out a price list for one of my clients who wants all of hes 12 cafes around London tested this year. I was just wondering if anyone thinks that I am doing it too cheap or too expensive or if I am missing something

Electrical Installation ConditionReport (EICR) Prices

Small Commercial Premises

Minimum Charge £250.00 plus anycharges such as parking and congestion charge and out of hours workwill be charged at £50.00 on top of the final price.

Circuits are defined as final circuitssupplying power, lighting or equipment, distribution circuitssupplying distribution boards or isolators and also including mainearthing and main protective bonding conductors.

Circuits Price

01 - 20 £15.00 each
21 - 40 £12.50 each
41+ £10.00 each

Thanks in advance


Read a post here the other day (Des 56 I think) which is pretty much how I price it up.
40 mins per circuit + 40mins per DB, multiplied by your hourly rate.


Did two 36 way boards £1,500.00 last week - night clubs 6 each year every year


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Checking 100%? Every single socket, switch, and light fitting gets removed and checked?

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Checking 100%? Every single socket, switch, and light fitting gets removed and checked?
Exactly my point, you'd introduce more faults than you'd identify.

100% test yes, 100% accessible visual inspection but a sampled detailed inspection.

Sampled detailed inspection isn't a short cut.

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I do mean look at everything, the stuff I have come across warrants it. Also I understand it that if you come across one fault you need to check 100% anyway.
If you started on a 30% sampled detailed inspection, you wouldn't normally jump to 100% after 1 fault, you would increase your sample percentage and continue to do so should a pattern of defects emerge.

The sample percentage is there to prevent the introduction of faults and defects due to dismantling, it's all in Guidance Note 3.
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