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ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa inspection

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Hi guys im currently trying my best to prepare for a inspection by elecsa :confused: i have just started my own business i am fully qualified nvq level 3 sparky but im just brushing up on my testing, made a couple of rigs at home to do all the dead test like continuity etc can anyone suggest more tests incase i miss any and also would like to hear of other sparks that are with elecsa see what you think so far i cant complain they have been super friendly compared to power ****** the big I AM NIC.

look forward to your response

Cheers guys :)
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Hey, welcome along.:D

The table below shows the correct sequnce of both live and dead tests, however this was to the 16th edition. There are a couple of new ones under the 17th such as verification of volt drop and confirmation of phase sequence.

Hope this helps you out.

As for Elecsa I'm with NIC, but there are a few guys on here who will be able to tell you more about them.



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Elecsa are starting to become the most popular.

They are very easy to deal with, friendly etc etc.

What you should remember though, is that the NIC are there for the customer.

The ECA (who own Elecsa) was set up for the contractor.


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I had my ELECSA assessment yesterday. The job I had assessed was a consumer unit change / move in my house. He got me to do an r1 + r2 test on the cooker circuit and rcd tests on a socket circuit. He asked loads of questions, including:

Max Ze for different types of supply
zones in bathrooms
How to test r1 + r2 on a socket circuit
Where you can drill holes in joists

I passed with no problems, but if I was to go through it again I would get a copy of:

"The Electricians Guide to The Building Regulations" and read it.


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Good point, Alan.

That is one book that i refer to sometimes more often than the OSG.

Well worth a purchase.
I had my visit last year and the chap ( who was very friendly and more than a little knowledgeable on any electrical subject as he had been in the industry for 30 odd years).Very interested in my understanding of new bonding regs for 17th as I remember.Likes to look at consumer unit changes and testing as was previously mentioned. Although he is looking for competence he will not try to catch you out but help where needed. Be prepared and you'll be fine.

GS Electrical

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only thing that im really struggling with is cable calcs


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What part are you struggling with ?


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Had my assessment two weeks ago
Very friendly and helpfull
Make sure you have all the books and paperwork in order, keep mine in plastic storage box to take to site(type you buy from Wilkinsons for toys etc).Keeps them dry in van.
He spent 2hrs on the paperwork and 10 min on tests
Asked me a few basic questions
Tests were Ze and RCD test at CU



jools p

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Had mine with ELECSA a few weeks ago.

ZE test, RCD test. Wanted to see if I new what cable to use for a hypothetical situation using the OSG.
Asked questions of differing supplies and their respective ZE's. Examined all paper work and EIC's very carefully. Didn't like the fact I'd not bonded my gas bottles. Didn't like my 16mm tails.

Sparkys seem to make a big fuss about whether your with NIC, ELECSA or NAPIT but I find in reality the general public have never heard of any of them or part P for that matter. They don't call you in because there worried about the LABC, they call you in because they cant figure out how to do a two way switch.

Until the notifying bodies collaborate on a national campaign to advertise the fact that it is against the law to do a lot of the electrical work in homes, people are still quite happy buying all the stuff in B&Q and wiring away in blissful ignorance.....

The LABC down my way are so stretched. Walking across my village square the other day the building inspector pointed to a house in the middle of having a total refurb from having been totally gutted. He told me, half talking to himself, that he had no knowledge of it and to be quite frank he didn't what to know either. God knows who did the wiring in there, probably the labourer.

I think this will all change when the insurance companies see non certification as a way out of not paying up for anything. Thats when the public will start to take notice. "House burnt down, Oh dear, not paying because we found some new coloured wiring and no certs"
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