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Hi all, is there any courses that would help get into the commissioning side of electrical and instrumentation systems ? I have worked on offshore and onshore plants and would like to get into commissioning side rather than doing construction all the time. I have been told to do test and inspection course and design and verification of electrical systems but don’t know if this would be the best route or if there are better courses to do? Cheers in advance
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Unfortunately commissioning comes with experience. I have done both pre commissioning and commissioning. Oil game is pretty much knackered at the minute with the low and fluctuating oil prices. Back in the day commissioning guys were on 800 a day plus. A must for any commissioning tech is being able to get a system up and running and solve any issues along the way.
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Thanks for the reply, yeah it’s hard to get into that field without experience but trying to get a opportunity to gain experience is a struggle. I think I might try the HNC in Electrical engineering hopefully help a bit

David Prosser

Water and food industries are always looking for "experienced" commissioning engineers. Clearly not the oil industry but if you have some experience or at least a decent level of installation and fault finding you should be able to find work if your willing to travel (you will almost always need T&I as can be signing installation certs). this could give decent experience for a few years until you find something in your area.

The pay is not £800 a day so don't get your hope up !


Just look at Process facilities. The same commissioning process apply to the process variables most check and test temperature, Level, Flow and Pressure at basic level.
I’m currently offshore on a rig and we test and calibrate Transmitters. Switches. Valves and Controllers.
Test & inspect, Compex (which I assume you already have) and HNC / HND would stand you in good stead. HV switching is nice to have, but without experience it’s pointless to shell out £1500+ on it.

Very difficult field to get into as it is basically a closed shop. Commissioning lead gets on the job, brings in his own engineers and those guys in turn bring in their own techs.

Teeside controls the instrument side almost 100%, the mechanical side tends to be mostly Geordie, with the odd teesider, maccam or jock and the electrical side mostly teeside with a few Geordies, Maccams or jocks thrown in.

As to those doubting the day rates, £10k was

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