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Please start a new thread in the Feedback forum and post details of your experience at an electrical training centre / on an electrical course... good or bad.

If there's already a thread for the training centre you want to leave feedback for too then please reply to that one.

Thanks - it helps newbies find a decent place to train.
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I just did a C & G 2392 past the on line exam was a 4 day course cost me £615 + £25 for Guidence notes 3, failed the practrial side, when in fact i only did the course 2 be taught testing guy didnt teach and failed to teach me testing,, yes i blame the teacher cus it was hi sjob 2 teach me to do it cus cousre details actually say u must have reasonable chance of passing course,, now they want me 2 pay 135 + VAT to do practrial part again ,, can i say who the course was with


feedback is feedback.....


Hey Tony

Like Dave said feedback is feedback, share your experiences good or bad and dont be afraid to name and shame.



Past the on line exam for 2392 if i can pas it anyone can, did course with Total Electric Training,, dont want 2 sound like a spoil sport but failed practrical,, i only did the course 2 be taugh testing so i cud go on 2 do Part P assessment and this course is advertised as doing that,, now i have 2 be £135 + vat to do practical again


I recently completed my Part P, 2392 and 17th Ed at Tradeskills4U. I hve to say that doing it all in one bang and in that order with Steve, the teacher, was probably the best investment I have made in any course. The locations is a pain in the rear end for me, but the high standard of teaching is more than worth it. The only qualm I would have about the centre is that there are not many facitlities at the site, I would recommend for the money that is being spent that at least tea and coffee should be free. For anyone going to this location, see if you can book the sessions with Steve - 'good luck with that'


I too did my Part P and 17th with Tradeskills4u this time last year, It gave me what I needed at the time and was well worth the money. As has been said previously, both Steve and Keane are excellent teachers and know their stuff.

I would recommend Tradeskills4u to anyone looking to do a course, and having said that I am now considering do the 2392 inspection and testing course with them. Lets hope the coffee machine has been changed.



I did the EAL domestic installer cert including part p, 17th Edition and pat testing at OLCI in basildon.
although i passed them all no problem and the tutor was really helpful, the coursework notes themselves could have been a bit better prepared.
My main rpoblem with OLCI was the admin staff, very slack with information, booking exams, sending certificates and other issues.
I also paid for 2391 inspection and testing but got my money back after realising the coursework for it was nowhere near as detailed as it should be, it seem to be aimed at people who had already got C&G 2330 7 experience and there was no way I was going to pass it, I hadnt even done the 2330 at the time.
Getting my money back took a lot of convincing too, i eventually spoke to ECA, EIT, NICEIC and other sparks who said it would be virtually impossible with no previous knowledge or experience.

hope this helps.


ive recently finished my intensive electrical course with trade qualified/ atl & to be honest ive found the course not to be what i was told it would be or to put it another way it wasnt the course i was so called sold. quite a bit of lying going on. ive got part p full scope bpec, bs7671, pat testing & have the chance at c&g 2391. im still waiting for my bpec certificate, every time ive rang atl they promise to look into it & will ring me back & let me know whats going on. im still waiting. dont believe all that you maybe told by these course providers, they cant make you a fully qualified electrician. you are classed as a competent person who has the minimum qualifications to install domestic electric installations & thats all. as for c&g 2391 & the training for that exam, with trade qualified there isnt any. they enter you for the exam & thats it, very good of them! ive 20yrs experience in the building trade, qualified roofer in my time & then went into general building so im not completely green or stupid. be warned, the course providers are more interested in selling the courses & not that concerned about much else in my opinion.you wont come away from the course with all the knowledge that is promised, some of the exams are not that easy & it really is upto yourself to make the course be worthwhile & be of benefit to you. hope this post will be helpful to some

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