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Ive got an electrical engineering apprenticeship \O/

im just wondering if i would be able to call myself an electrician or would i only be able to call myself an electrical engineer?

What do you call yourself? Can people who havent done the AM2 call themselves electricians?

I cant help but feel because I wont be doing the big bad AM2 and the 2391, im always going to be regarded as inferior even though I do industrial electrics for a living.

Many thanks if you could contribute anything positive :D


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I call my self RWJ lololol

Don't think people would know what an Electrical Engineer is????

Adam W

I was under the impression that an electrical engineer was a more highly regarded profession than an electrician.
That said I wouldn't consider the title of 'electrical engineer' to automatically imply the qualifications of an electrician, just as I wouldn't expect anyone with a degree in IT or electronics to assume they can just assume an electrician's role at the drop of a hat.


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Not even NIC,NAPIT etc can make up their mind as to what is a qualified electrician!They recognise what they call "Competent Persons" So If i was you,seeing you work in the industry anyway, call yourselve what the hell you like.

Archy Styrigg

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I have an Electrical Engineering qualification, but I only say I'm a Technician because I don't do any serious design work, or sit in office.


the electrician at work who is on the electrician pay grade did an electrical engineering qualification, and hes never done an exam (AM2 or otherwise) because the NVQ level 3 is all assessment based.

and the tech hasnt any electrical qualifications at all but is one of the most knowledgable guys youll ever meet

At the end of my apprenticeship I do want my qualification and standard to be recognised as "qualified and competent" by either the niceic, napit or the iet. Otherwise ild feel like ive spent 4 years not doing anything significant


not too sure yet, im doing performing engineering operations NVQ level 2 at the moment. but in years 3 and 4 i want to do something that will help me become an instrument tech
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