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News and Articles for the Electrical Industry - Electrical News / Electricians News and Information Wanted

Here are ElectriciansForums.net (formerly ElectriciansForums.co.uk) we've tried a few times to get some kind of workable article system linked in with the forum software we use. We use the worlds best forum software, and opted for the worlds best 'blogging' (news) software, WordPress.

We cleverly managed to hook up the two so that members of the forum could reply to articles we posted to the WordPress blog (electricians news site) - although it was clunky and cumbersome. And to be frank, people could tell it wasn't a forum thread and opted to see it as news separate to the actual forum and generally the traffic once it had fell off the 'What's New' page was very little from the forum (though, as it was the best news software going, it did rank well and bring a lot of unregistered traffic to us via Google and the likes).

Great news now though, the software we use for the forum have created an article system and built it direct into the software!

Thank god. The coding was getting annoying and time consuming.

We now have an Electrical News section right here so Electricians News can be read using the very same software we're already used to.

Here are some screen shots of the article system, if you're a regular you have probably seen this, but please do read on, as I've created some new features and wiggled some settings advertisement-wise. ;)

The Electrical News System Pictures​

I have tried to get these all in line, at least for laptops / PC's, or Tablets in landscape view, they'll perhaps look like clickable content on mobiles as they're pictures of the actual forum. So note that please. :)




Yes, you read that right. We will not be showing any advertising at all in the Electricians News area of the forum for quite some time.

We want ANY electrical company, electrical manufacturer, electrical wholesaler, electrical supplier, trade or otherwise, to come and post their electrical news to the forum themselves for free. Forever.​

This content we do NOT want to create revenue from at all. We want all companies to have a place to go where they advertise their new products, their new smoking policy at their offices, their new supplier they've just got deals with, their new whatever.

We should be this kind of hub, and aspire to be that. But we just get carried away waffling on about electrical stuff. And I just keep nipping over here straightening things out, fixing bugs, then send some invoices out for sponsorship, keep the bills paid, and we've done this for years and it has worked.

But we really are something else now. In the league of forums as a whole, like ALL FORUMS all types all categories all topics, we are well up there with the best of them with this forum. Our traffic is mental. Millions of new pairs of eyes every month, and we just see all the regular same ones chatting, and that's cool, but we, or I rather, need to step it up a gear.

The advertising around articles would put some companies off from posting. So I think they need to go. And should be gone now. The Google ads are mental full stop right now, but it's keeping our bills paid. You're welcome to subscribe and that removes them, or just use an ad-blocker, that's fine with me. But they should start being dialled back a lot soon as shops start opening up again and whatnot so bidding for the spots starts getting better again etc.

Anyway, thought I'd plug this, I'll send an email out about it.

Please spread the news - we want all news to be posted here.

I'll come up with some basic rules to stop articles being spammy. And we'll still need to not allow said companies to just post in the forums with their news and push products etc in reply to threads. Sponsors only for that. But the electrical news area here needs using well. And by all.

Hope you're all staying safe.
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