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We are Electrical2Go and we are proud sponsors of who have kindly agreed to send you all a message each month highlighting new products and the latest info most relevant to the trade.

This month we here at Electrical2Go are bringing you the latest info on the OLEV scheme, so you don't miss out on taking advantage of the grant available when you install OLEV approved Chargepoints for Electric Vehicles. A large variety of EV Chargers are available at now and are both competitively priced and readily available. Here are some our our latest additions from WallBox.
Screenshot (54).png766fec5c-886c-4fcd-9a53-5ba18de394d7.jpg

So the UK Government announced ambitious plans on World Electric Vehicle Day, with £12 million in funding announced to propel groundbreaking electric vehicle research projects. Future government plans could see green-coloured parking spaces, charge points at popular destinations and dedicated EV sites for buying and selling cars.

Highways England are planning to provide local authorities with £9.3 million in funding to encourage businesses to switch to electric vans. Ambitious plans have been announced to manufacture batteries that can charge in just 6 minutes, how incredible is that? This could truly revolutionise the EV Industry.

Exciting times ahead for suppliers and installers alike. We want to partner with our Forum Member Discount Holders to ensure you can provide your clients with the best prices, so don’t forget to use your members discount to save 5% off all purchases on Electrical2Go!

Discount code to be entered at sign up on and then the 5% discount will be automatically added to your basket each time you shop.

If you already have an Electrical2go account, and aren't yet taking advantage of the members discount, please either message us via the forum or email us and we'll update your account to receive the 5% discount on all future orders. Please do this before you place your order to receive the discount.

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To find out which products are currently eligible please see here: Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme approved chargepoint model list

For further information and to keep up to date with the latest government guidelines on installation and eligibility you can find more up to date info on OLEV Grant available here!





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Sent an email shot out and it's hit 17,002 email addresses. The forum software makes it too easy to unsubscribe from all emails these days so I'm going to have to configure them all so they have different opt in and opt out settings.

I think some people are clicking to unsubscribe from thread notification emails, and the forum is unsubscribing them from all emails no matter what they are.

I'll have to have a look into it.

But I've also optimised that blog post so it should rank in search engines quite easily too.

If you ever want to have an Blog Account on that domain (our so you can post some offers and things, and even for SEO so you can cadge some links from it to your own website, then let me know and I'll setup an account there for you as long as you don't post daily to it and it become all noise, I don't mind a monthly or bi-weekly blog post. It'd actually be helpful if all sponsors did it to be honest so I might start arranging that for our long-standing sponsors at least anyway.


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Hi Dan,

I've been emailing with Lou and wanted to make some amendments to formatting before it was sent, but it wasn't anything too major, more tidying up really, but the 20 mins ran out so I couldn't continue to edit.

Can I get access to tidy it up? It formatted differently to the preview once it was posted due to the width being different. Lou also said she'd pin it to the top of threads for us which would be great too.

I'll chat to Ivan about using blog on as this could be really useful also.

As always thanks for the support. Here's hoping we get some hits. Are you able to share analytics from you mail shots with us on Monday please?

Many thanks,



Hi Natalie,

I've edited the sponsors group to bypass the time limit on editing posts, so you edit the original here and I'll copy it over to an applicable forum, and then also edit the blog on the

Usually stat-wise we don't track hits, when we link to a thread the thread views are public and we usually just ask sponsors to track the response that way.

However as it has been posted to the blog on it's own page I am pretty sure I've setup analytics to show me the stats. It'll progress over a week as it can take over 24 hours for all the emails to actually send, then a couple of working days before the average plumber actually checks their email.

So if I can pull up individual stats for the page I'll send some Monday and then next Friday for you.


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Hi Dan.

That's great thank you. I've fixed the text issues now so good to go, I've also added some missing links to images.

In terms of the blog, the content is hard to follow with the positioning of some of the ads, is there a way to keep them to inbetween paragraphs rather than below headings? Just so it can be read how it's meant to?

It's really very busy and I think it could put people off reading the blog... I'm not sure how much control you have with this or if it's mostly automated, but if there is anything you can do to improve this, it will be much appreciated Dan.

Many thanks,
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