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We are revising at our hourly pay scale for our 17th edition electricians and wanted to gauge the current market rate.

A ball-park figure would be a help if you don't want to put the exact figure.
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im an approved electrician, and im on £14.50 ph, with overtime rates at 1.5 for weekday/sat morning overtime, and x2 for sat afternoon and sunday. Im also supplied with a van, all PPE, testing eqt, drills ect. All i supply is myself and hand tools.

The above is across the board for the company i work for, and london rates are higher.


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yeah. around £14/hour PAYE with vehicle and major tools supplied. self-employed , own van & all tools, £18 - £25/hour plus travel expense.


Does it really matter what other electricians are earning?
If your guy's are doing a good job for you and you are earning well from your jobs, so can afford to pay them a little more, then pay them.
If on the other hand they are leaving and going elsewhere then you may not be paying them enough.
Local market forces determine how much something costs, not a national poll.


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It depends where you are in the country, there are massive regional variations.
Down here in the south you've got to be looking at 200-250 a day on solar if your subbing. Some of the figures above are for employed sparks which is very different to subbies.

Ultimately, as above, it depends what quality of people you want working for you and how much you value their ability. What value do they ad to your business?
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I know one subbie who is on £850 for a 4KW system. He has to pay his roofer,own van, b&b if he has to travel and fuel.
They can install a 4KW in one day and they are not sloppy, only cheat is they use click fit.


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thats as an employee, thats not the same as subbing. It's not clear form the original post if you mean emplyee electricians or subbies.
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