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Hello everyone that reads this i would like some help regarding my CV is this good enough to get a chance of an interview? please comment every advice much apprecated thank you.


As a highly motivated and committed individual I have both theoretical and practical experience within the electrical industry, through college studies and work placements. I am now looking to apply these skills to a successful career.


  • A thorough understanding of Health & Safety and Electrical Safety Rules & Regulations - holds an ECS card.
  • Full clean UK Driving Licence
  • Excellent practical skills – able to use a variety of hand & power tools.
  • Accuracy – attention to detail, able to follow instructions precisely
  • Organisation – able to plan and prioritise work load
  • Ability to work well within teams
  • Ability to work well as an individual

North London Fire and Security Systems (Temp) - Fire Alarm Engineer
Jan 2008 – Mar 2008 and June 2008 – Sept 2008

  • Servicing and installation of intruder alarms & fire alarms in commercial and residential properties.
  • Carried out initial installation (first fix) – fitting plastic conduit along walls
  • Fitted alarm sounders , break glass units , smoke detectors, heat detectors
  • Run FP200 cable along conduit fixings & through walls
  • Carried out second fix, connecting the wiring to the alarm sounders, break glass units smoke detectors , heat detectors
  • Fault diagnostics and repair
Flag Electrical, London (Temp) Mar 2008 –June 2008 Electricians Assistant

  • Electrical upgrades to residential & commercial premises
  • Carried out an initial installation, (first fix) – fitting wiring along wall cavities and through ceilings and floors to B.S 7671 Standards
  • Mounted back- boxes on walls to take plug sockets and points
  • Carried out second fix, connecting the wiring to socket outlets, lights switches, fused spurs, light fittings, fire alarm sounders, emergency lights, garden lights
  • Earth bonding all exposed and extraneous conductive parts
  • Fault diagnostics and repair

Davis Property Developer, London Apr 2004 – Dec 2007
Labourer/ Handyman/ Electricians Assistant

  • Refurbished houses in need of modernisation
  • Carried out first & second fix of electrical rewire to B.S 7671 Standards
  • Plumbed – fitted bathroom, toilets, sinks, running pipes under floor boards
  • Painted & decorated
  • Brick laying
  • Fitted kitchen units and appliances
Lam’s Electrical, London (Temp) Oct 2003 – Feb 2004
Electricians Mate Temporary

  • Assisted with the rewiring of domestic & commercial properties
  • Run cables through conduits under floors and ceilings to B.S 7671 Standards
  • Wired up socket outlets, light fittings, switches, fused spurs, electric showers
  • Earth bonding all exposed and extraneous conductive parts
  • Fault diagnostics and repair

College of North East London (CONEL) 2004 – 2007

Course: City & Guilds 2330 Electrical Installation (Buildings & Structures)

Qualification: Electro Technical Technology level 2 (2006)
Electro Technical Technology level 3 (2007)

Salisbury School, Edmonton, London Sep 1995 – Jun 2000

Course:Math, English, Science, Business Studies, Office application


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Very good, I see no reason why it shouldnt get you an interview, if you want me to be really pickey and i DO mean really pickey, I have three suggestions, firstly , (and this is only my personel opinion), I would try to lose some of the general non electrical work - assuming the job is electrically orientated if its general maintenance leave it in, secondly try not to use the term, "earth bonding", either your earthing something or your bonding it, two compleatley different things (nic snags and solutions is will put you right) , thirdly get hobbies and interests in there somewhere, I know it sounds daft but if you come across as an intresting outgoing person rather than a weekend couch potato you are more likely to get that phonecall, and thats it.
(told you it was pickey), good luck.
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thank you for your advice mate.

Earthed all exposed and extraneous conductive parts. does this sound better :)


err no,

bonded all exposed etc etc,

rough guide to help you remember,

we "earth electrical items" ie shower throught the cpc connected to the met in cu
we "bond" non electrical items ie water pipes and steel buildings to prevent the introduction of an earth potential.
and we do not "earth bond" anything.

hope this helps.
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that is my plan but 1st of all i would like to build up on experince and save some money then go 4 them two


I was thinking that myself with all your experience. However more experience wont hurt.


A part of writing experience does anyone know how to write job related keywords to get it scan easily.

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