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Discuss electricity issue - problems with LCD monitor - input lag in the Computer and Networking Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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Hello, at first sorry for my english, its not too good but i think you will understand what i say..
I am writing for me and tens of people which i met on forums..
This problem killing mind, just listen please..

I am fighting for 5 years with heavy input lag in all games,desktop..


1. high delay when mooving with mouse and view on display -> something like v-sync on but its off. / floaty mouse, mooving like on ice /
2. games are choppy, stutter although fps are very high on monitor 144hz/240hz/ doesnt matter - everywhere stutter and input lag, somehting like desync.
Monitor feeling like its not 1ms but maybe 20ms...
3. slight image blur
4. this symptoms makes games unplayable and without any fun.

What we tried.

1. Tried every windows version xp/w7/w8/w10
2. Tried every available tweaks on ethernet like softwares,windows optim., bios every combination..
3. Tried many differente PCs, for me i tried 3-4 pcs, mouses maybe 5.
4. Tried many differente ISPs.
5. Tried mooving with my setup on another place - same problem.
6. Tried UPS online, ferrite cores on every cable.

Interesting facts

1. Mooving with only MONITOR to my friend house where he doesnt have a problem = problem persists
- So thats why i think the main issue causing MONITOR - monitor power supply..
- On next day i bought brand new monitor / 144hz / to my house and everything was perfect for 3 days - then problem comes again...
2. Changing NVIDIA settings sometimes make good feel but only for few hours..
3. Not using my setup for 3 days+ and afther that time when i start PC everything is very perfect for maybe half hour..

Theorys, possibilitys

1. It must be something with electricity and it has an impact on monitor for long time, then stabilizes..
2. I thought its some RFI or electromagnetic field attacking monitor, but it is known that when the interference ends by mooving far away it should be fixed, but its not.
3. somehow this issue is holding inside monitor or cables and when moove to fixed place problem still persists.

I will be very happy aboute every theory, i give more information when i will mention
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Check for good air flow , dust buildup.
, Room temperature and air flow.
( My son loves his vape , so is keen to have a window open )
I added and adjustable air vent to a chimney in my sons room.
If the room is south-facing , sun could be contributing.
Tech extracting every last ounce , also
as @newfutile mentions. If
Temperatures are rocketing , check out your fan speed software .
May be nice and quite - but need increased air flow as temperature rises

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