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Electric Vehicle Charging Installations (City and Guilds 2921)​

The company i'm working for is trying to put me on this course
But i dont seem to have the qualifications for it .
C&G2330 Level 2&3
I got C&G2382-22, LCP Initial Verification (2391-50) and EAL Periodic Inspect (2391-51).. did 2377-22 for fun

think i might look at EAL if City and Guilds getting a bit hard to get on too
Just reading what you need .. keeps coming back to the full NVQ 3 or ECS gold (basically full NVQ 3)

Need to push to do the portfolio and the extra classes to get NVQ also need AM2

Great I can install cooker shower and change a CU but I can't install a EV charge. Reading on one about networking . Sounds more need a computer electrician
There’s nothing stopping you fitting one, if someone else in your company does the notification…. Which is how it would be for changing a CU or any other outside work.

They are not difficult. They sell them in screwfix for Joe Public to diy… which is way wrong when we have to somersault through hoops to do it right.
Sorry if I'm being dim but there's no additional requirements for installing chargers, it's just another circuit to be installed in line with the hallowed book?* I thought courses were so British gas et all could "qualify" turnip farmers to do stuff?

*Obviously with the special "yeah nah yeah TNCS is totes totes safe but better if you wear rubber gloves and boots at all times errr nah yeah but it's safe" conditions.
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