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Has anyone had a situation like this and what was the outcome cheers

I was part of a gym in huddersfield when i got laid of i cancelled direct debit and went in to see them to tell them situation they told me they would put my account on hold for 6 months untill i get a job. Wikid

So a couple days later i get a letter saying i owe my outstanding balance due to cancelling direct debit £240 i went back into store and he said dont worry ignore that letter were going to put your account on hold.. So i ignore it

Then a couple days later i now got one from Regal Credit Consultants saying ive got till 02/08 to pay £240.. I ring them they dont give a crap whats going on so i ring my branch again they say ring this number so i ring the number they give me.. They said today email total fitness on this email gave me email.. So i emailed them now and it says can take upto 7-10 working days for a reply..

Well if ive got till 02/08 then they need to reply before.. otherwise apparently regal send it to there solicitors and a charge will be incurred.

Anyone had anything similar were the incompetence of staff is going to mess me up? also will this affect my credit rating atm?

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Get something on paper from the gym to confirm they acknowledged & accepted your request to have a suspension on the account - this should keep you right for future correspondance. Don't worry too much about the legal threats yet - generally it's strongly-worded hot air to make you panic into paying but important just the same that you have a back-up to your original agreement. Make sure to get the name of the chap in the gym who agreed it with you and a signature from same.


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Cheers i always forget to take names etc!
You need to get hold of one of the top managers and take it up with them. Try and get the names of the people you spoke to. Get an email address and send them a written note to confirm any agreement that they come up with. If its gone to a credit recovery company then I would suggest that your credit file will be affected, you can check yourself for free on experian (just cancel the trial period after!!) to see if your credit file is still o.k.

This sort of thing can be a royal pain if you are looking for a mortgage etc...I had something similar happen to me and it was a pain sorting it. Good luck.


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Ignore ALL letters from a debt collector, they are nothing but bullies and WILL NOT take you to court. They rely on heavy bully-boy tactics to force you into paying for money owed that you may not necessarily have to pay back (for whatever reason)

Get something in writing from the Gym and keep it in a safe place in case you ever have to produce it in court - You won't though ;)

DO NOT in any way shape or form, speak with anyone from a debt collection agency via telephone. THEY WILL NOT deal with you in writing and will constantly harass you with letters saying that they will send someone to your property blah blah blah. Truth of the matter is only two people can legally step foot on your property without consent. 1) being the Postman and 2) being a passer by asking for directions.

The only time I would entertain anything is if you get a GENUINE letter from the Courts, then you know you have to act.

These debt collectors are scum and unfortunately I have had to deal with more than a few over past years when my previous relationship went belly up.

Do not be surprised if it's Regal this week, Wescott another and Moorcroft another and so on. Many are sister companies of another and the Solicitors they use are usually an inbred company somewhere along the lines too.

If you get any concerns get in touch with your local Citizens Advice Bureau or alternatively sign up on the Consumer Action Group forums. 20 minutes of reading will make you fully aware of the type of people you are dealing with.

Good Luck:thumbsup


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Cheers mate appreciate taking your time to give me your advise nice one


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REpost 6 you forgot the police ,in relation to an investigation or effect an arrest,gas board,to prevent danger from gas leak,and fire service to prevent risk to life or property.


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Just Ignore the Bill ! they will come finding you to your home then i guess you know what all you need to do !


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i've always thought gym memberships one of the biggest swindles out there.
i bought a rowing machine fews weeks back , stay fit at home at my convienience , much better idea if you ask me.

Adam W

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Gym memberships are as renowned for being difficult to get out of as mobile phone contracts.
Chances are the people you've gone in and spoken to face to face were telling you what you wanted to hear so you didn't kick off.
'Problem customers' are much easier to fob off over the phone, or via the internet or post.

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