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I went to look at a job recently, the house is quite big and they are having trouble getting WIFI in one side of the house. They currently have a BTHUB5 and are at the maximum amount of BT WIFI discs.

My plan is to run a CAT6 Cable from the router to the problem area. Is there a device I can connect to the CAT6 cable that will boost WIFI signal. Or do I need to connect a second router?




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The problem with using too many repeater/extenders is that no matter if you have multiple myname_1, myname_2, myname_3..... broadcasts going on or if you set them all to the same network name, it confuses devices where they overlap and you can actually get drop-outs. The solution is 'Mesh' wifi which basically acts as one giant cohesive single wifi cell with multiple aerials. The individual mesh units all communicate with each other rather than being dumb (normally using a 'back channel' of a second 5GHz band). Alternatively, ask if you actually need wifi or do you just need internet? For example, my house is either very old, thick stone walls or very new and overly jammed by an enthusiastic builder with foil-back celotex and space blanket, so wifi is challenging. My temp office is thankfully directly above the router on the ground floor so signal is OK, but most of the kit in it has RJ45 so what I've done is use a small little netgear repeater as a wifi node and connected it to a 16 port switched hub - and crucially stopped the repeater from broadcasting. So all the office gear is quite happy and there's no additional RF flying around to interfere with other stuff. It also, in my case, makes it a lot easier to run a secondary IP range for all my show lighting control equipment.

Meanwhile, I've just run 2 x ext CAT6 from the router intake position and out to the garage/store about 20m's away which is also poor for wifi as it's all in tin sheet, where I'm going to mount an external IP rate wifi node (probably a WL-N1200) to broadcast a cell over the garden, which in time will act as a hop to another IP node as and when I get around to converting some stables into a studio office and gym, whereupon they'll go cable internally where possible. Again, keep the unwanted RF as low as possible.
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A second router will do or a wifi extender. Problem for such wifi extenders is the speed might go lower so what I really recommend is getting a second router and putting it in the problem area.

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