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Hi, I'm after an advice regarding a work market.

I'm an improver and I hope to get gold card within one year.

I'd like to find an extra job related to electrical installation. But my requirements are a bit unusual.
I'd like to:
- install and commission some kind of special devices,
- go through appreciate product training,
- work once every 2-3 weeks for 2 days (quick install),
- do one type of install every time,
- it might be all over the country...

And the question is: what type of equipment might that be? EV charging points, special CCTV, intelligent house equipment? Any ideas?
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rthink all of the above, but also broaden your horizons into SWA, metal trunking and conduit, tray, etc. there's far more opportunities to make decent money on the industrial side than fighting to get work off tightwad home owners, landlords, etc.
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Thanks for your advice. I'm experienced at containment but it is very hard to get short (2 days) well paid (£300pd) price work. Unless I don't know where to look.
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