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hello everyone finally thought i best say hi to you all :)
right a little about me me names Tim am 34 and i wana be a sparky lol ive spent 3 years at college doing my c&g 2330 and basically am stuck,confused and just fed up i want to go in to domestic work but like i said am just confused at the minute as to where i want to go i know i need to go back to college to do my 17th edition. test and inspectiom and so on but all the sparkies i talk to keep telling me to forget it theres no work :mad: what do i do i went to work in a supermarket while i did my course and thpught id get out and get a job now wer in credit crunch britain its all gone pete tong


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Im afraid you are one of many in this situation at the moment, but i would say that you should carry on getting your quals and try and get some site experience, even if you do a few hours a week for free.

Good luck.
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Hi and welcome,
Hang in there mate, as Jasons6930 says maybe a few free hours might help.
Just don't give up.



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thanks for the replies, yeah i know alot of people are in the same boat at the end of the day even the 2 lads i work with cant get no work ones a plumber and the other lads a plasterer lol between us we should set up on our own.
i have been thinking tho while things are slow just to crack on with my qualifications probs do my 17th ed next was thinking tho if i went self employed what qualifications do i need?? by the way i was self employed for 13 years before i started my jouney to become a sparky lol thought id just get a easy job in the supermarket and concentrate on my course oops


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Hey Nottslad

Welcome along.:D

As the lads have said deffo carry on and get your quals, once you've got em no-one can take em away.


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Hello and welcome Nottslad
17th ed is a good start and it also dep on what you want to achive ie did you only want to do domestics ? or fully qual spark ? these differ massively in what quals/site exp is needed try looking at NICEIC/ELECSA/NAPIT websites if domestic installer sounds better with NICEIC/ELECSA as NAPIT as a domestic installer you wont get far and you will be qualified a lot quicker and out working as self employed.
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