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Greetings all. Just signed up & making a start cracking off my 6 posts. Apologies if this is in the wrong area I am sure someone will put me straight. I have recently re-trained after 22 years in the RAF and am starting out on my own as a sole trader. Despite having done all the training and gained my Quals I am well aware that I have a lot to learn from you experienced sparks out there and have started out on a steep curve. I will need all the help i can get so hope you guys don't mind answering some stupid questions as i'm sure I will have many. It has always been my policy in life to ask rather than blunder on for fear of looking stupid, I would rather suffer the ridicule to ensure I get things right so I suppose this is a plea for patience and any support you guys can offer as I start out on this new career.

Cheers in advance


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Welcome aboard, i commend your enthusiasm but with zero experience in domestic etc (i assume) in your case i would be inclined to get a few years experience with a company just to get your bearings.....its fine understanding and having a good grasp of regulations but been able to pull a office and house apart to get the install done in itself is a task that requires background knowledge.

Just a suggestion but if your confident in your skills and knowledge then all the best and we look forward to assisting you where we can.


Thanks everyone I appreciate the welcome, and thanks too to Darkwood for the wise words. Trust me I have told myself the same probably ten times a day and the little voice is still telling me to get a job at Tesco! But it's now or never for me and I feel like i'm doing something I enjoy and have a real interest in for the 1st time in ages so i'm in for a penny...

Got my site assessment with ELECSA coming up on the 28th of this month so I will have a good idea soon if I am anywhere near ready. I will let you know how it goes.

Cheers again
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