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Morning all,
I’m hoping someone could give me some advice on what’s the correct way or the done thing when fitting an spd.
I’ll be fitting a new Hager 40 way consumer unit to my house following an extension and I’ve been out the loop a bit with the domestic side of things over the past few years (20 years experience but more on industrial) I’ve been looking into fitting an spd into the board which would sit nicely to the right side of the main incomer but it’s made me wonder about the neutrals and earths, as the first breaker (all rcbos) will be next to the incomer would you class that as 1 when connecting the earths and neutrals or would you start at 3 as it’ll be in that position that 3 with the spd fitted? I feel it should be 1 but has made me wonder.
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The board I’ve bought is this one
It’s a reasonable sized 5 bed house (extension has added an extra 70%)
I’ve gone a bit over the top with some of the circuits, extra radials for 2 lots of a/c next year and separate circuits for 5 areas of underfloor heating, plus other bits. Using 26 ways so plenty of space for an internal SPD.


The earth from the spd in a hager board is in it's own terminal on the earth Bar, on the hager design 10 I fitted this earth was labelled B.
The earth terminations from each circuit then went from 1-12 respectively.

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