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John White

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A while ago the plastic switch that turns our dishwasher on/off came loose. We worked out wedging a paperclip into the switch held it in place and stopped the dishwasher from switching off. However, a few days ago after wiggling the paperclip back into place, I believe it caused some kind of short circuit around the switch area as there was a burning smell and eventually a pop and now the dishwasher does not turn back on.

I unscrewed the front panel today and can see the on/off switch is charred/burned so I am pretty sure this is what happened :

I think finding a replacement switch could prove difficult, and I don't really want to pay for anything more expensive than that. I was thinking the cheapest solution would be to join whichever of the four wires shown in the picture above that would keep the dishwasher on, seal with electric tape, then use the mains switch to turn the dishwasher on/off. Which of these wires would I have to join to achieve this? If you think my solution is really not a good idea, what would be a better one?

Thank you in advance !


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That looks more like it's been caused by a prolonged poor connection, either a loose push on terminal or a bad connection within the switch itself, or maybe the 'wedge' was preventing the switching from making properly and caused this.

You may be able to find a replacement switch on-line, there are lots of spares available, BUT those terminations will need to be remade properly as they will undoubtedly have been heat cycled somewhat and may not provide a sufficiently good connection (meaning you'll get a quick repeat of this).


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The sort of person who should have called an appliance repairer, which is what should happen next.
Yes.......at least they’ll use a plastic paper clip!


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Hi John - in my opinion it would a fire risk if you try to fix it that way. The machine may have another fault causing the heating and this should be assessed by an experienced repairer. If there is no other underlying fault the damaged component, connectors and cables should be replaced.

John White

EF Member
Thank you for everyones responses, in hindsight the paperclip was not a good idea, and looks like a quick fix with electrical tape is also a no no. Will call the helpline number for the manufacturer tomorrow, though am not getting my hopes up for a cheap solution from them. Otherwise appliance fixer or if he is too expensive maybe just a new dishwasher as it was a cheap one anyway.


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I did have a quick look online and had no luck I'm afraid, but someone else might have more success.


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If it were my dishwasher, I’d forget trying to find an original on/off , instead I’d fit one of these in the free space of the plastic front panel.......
Looking at your photo it appears to be switching live and neutral (double pole switch), also you’d need new crimp connections attached and the burnt wire cut back to good wire...
But if your not fully competent then don’t do it yourself!
Like I say, if it were my dishwasher, that’s what I’d do but I have the skill and necessary tools and equipment to check and carry out the repair

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