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Lucien Nunes

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London / Tallinn
What is called a 'fridge' one day, is called a 'danger fridge' the next. One would hope impartial organisations such as Which? would avoid sensational language. Also, aside from the fridge casing, I wonder what the impact would be of making the compressor terminal box, which usually contains the start relay or thermistor, metal too. I don't have any stats on the actual source of ignition in typical fridge fires but they would be interesting. Arcing thermostats (they're mostly electronic now), runaway defrost heaters or smouldering PTC's?

tony clark

gaslec instalations
years ago when i used to repair appliances the relays in the compressor terminal box where a problem with moisture on the relays or the compressor be coming to hot due to a block drain hole in the back of fridge where the fridge defrost and supposed to run down the drain onto the plastic top hat on top of compressor to keep it from overheating

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