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am asking the older electricians out there if anyone has a fluke 10 multimeter that they want to sell or donate/swap as my apprentice needs a new meter as in just under a year we have broken the one i bought him, the reason i want this particular model is that i have limited brainpower and its a simple and rugged meter and it only has two holes for the two leads, i am open to suggestions of other meters that are out there but i have spent the last 2 hours looking and i think the 4.99 one from e-bay is probably not going to cut the mustard


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try cpcfarnell. or buy him an approved voltage tester instead.
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ta, think there is a possibility of blowing up meter measuring amps, maybe just get the decorators to fill the holes, ill just put it next to a double socket that should do it. cheers


would happily buy the fluke 113 or an avo 310 - but what to choose, whats in you tool bag?
The Fluke T5/600 and 1000 seem to be almost universally popular on the forum and would meet your 2 socket criteria. It has the other attractive feature, particularly for apprentice use, of the AC current range via the open jaw rather than via probes and therefore minimal risk of shorting a supply on a current range. On the downside, and the main reason I choose not to buy one, there is no DC current range.
Fluke T5
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hello mate not sure is you could help but just thought i would ask im looking for electricians who i can help in fact i want to volunteer so that i can get some experiance,my name is SILENT CHEZANI and im onn my level three city n guilds 2330 with OLCI
my email is [email protected]

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