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thinking of buying a new meter.:confused::confused:
any advice welcome on either of the above meters.;);)
Aico 3000 Range
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both meters are exceptional however had both and prefer the megger either way both do what they say on the tin :)


ive never used the fluke so i cant comment but i use the megger on a regular basis and i find it fantastic!

does everything you want it to and i think it looks better than the fluke :)


i've got the megger(never had a fluke)
its easy to use.
not certain but when i bought it i think i payed a bit more for the version with the test probe
i've never used the probe in 9 months so maybe you can save a bit without it.
check that though but i think i'm right
otherwise its very handy. the rcd auto test saves a lot of running up and down stairs(i think the fluke has this too.)


Megger MFT1552 the one I have and I would recommend it. ;)

Never used the Fluke however other sparks I know who have used them have said that they sometimes get inconsistant readings?

I must admit I was faced with the same sort of choice when purchasing mine and had narrowed it down to three Megger, Fluke & the Kewtech.

I was very tempted by the Kewtech KT64 because it had a feature where all your RCD test results were on one screen - very handy and seem to match Megger features to a degree.

Kewtech KT64 Multifunction Tester

However gut feeling was Megger.........and happy!


To echo all of the above, never had a fluke but very happy with my meggar

4x4 mark

got the megger 1552 good machine easy to use and clear results, but the croc clips are a bit pants and sometime the null readings need to be done a couple of times to get zero.
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both meters seem very comparable but it was the megger that ended up the winner mainly because of the auto rcd testing, seems a neat little extra.
cant wait to have a proper play.
thanks for all the advice guys. ;)
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