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Good day ladies and gentlemen I need some help with lighting issue. Am the maintenance person working in a school in london . One of the class have 5 fluorescent lights but one of them behaves strange . The four light works perfect but the fifth one is intermintent. It comes on work for a while then goes off again . There are no starter on the light so it's not the starter that only let me to believe it's might be the ballast that is the problem ? The bulb is fine . Any ideas as to what can be wrong or how to solve this ? We are thinking of replacing the fluorescent with Led light but can't seem to find None shunted tombstone. Anyone knows where to get them ? Please help


If there isn't a starter, it's likely to be an electronic ballast which could be on it's way out. Depending on age, these might be readily available.

It could also be a poor connection either on the tube sockets or the wires connecting them to the ballast. Alot of these are pushfit and I know from first hand experience they aren't always pushed fully home leaving the wire kind of floating around.

The Ghost

It's gotta be a starter tube as it would stay off if it was HF. Try a new starter.

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