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Hi there,

I am hoping to enroll onto the C&G 2330 level 2 course in Sept and have managed to get some work experience but need some work wear. I am really confused about what footwear to buy could anyone recommend some please? Might sound like a silly question but can you wear steel toe-cap or do they have to be non metal safety boots/trainers? I have been told various things like steel toed is ok if you are working on a domestic job but not for larger jobs that involve higher voltage. Thanks


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we were told to get boots or shoes that have a steel toe cap and thick sole. Ended up getting a pair of trainer style shoes that actually had a BS number about electric shock resistance (can't remember the details). Got them from an ordinary shoe shop for about £25 and they have been good and comfortable. Quite a few lads on the course got boots and wish they had got the trainer style. Afew weeks ago Aldi were selling almost exactly the same safety shoes but for £10 cheaper, might be worth a look but you'd probs have to be a bit lucky for them still to have them in. You will be wearing them exclusively indoors when you are at college and have to be carrying them about and probs storing them in a locker so i would definitely go for the shoe style.
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There your toes, if you value them protect them! ;)

Likewise its your body, buy insulated tools! ;)


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Dickies all the way, boots, trousers, jackets, overalls etc etc.

They may cost more than other brands but I think they're worth every penny.


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Best pair of boots and comfortable were £15 steel toe caps from screwfix


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I have the Dewalt apprentice boots. Great and really comfortable.

Have you been taken on full time or part time just as experiance, if full time the employer should provide you with all necessary PPE.

And good luck with your course. :cool:
steel toe caps,also having trod on a nail myself you can get boots with a thin steel plate in the sole.if your working houses and offices etc trainer/boots best but if your in the muck and mud on new sites go for leather boots.


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Only part time, do the boots have to be anti static?


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I’m a little confused


I'm a little confused :confused: between which of 2 different types of safety trainer, I should purchase as a electrical trainee:

1) Steel toe cap and midsole, with a moulded PU/TPU sole, and are described as anti-static.
2) Non metallic toe cap and midsole plate, and have rubber soles.

Both cost about the same, are just as comfortable etc. Just want to make the right (safer) choice, not one based purely on colour.

I'm concerned that the anti static description of Option 1 suggests they may be conductive to prevent static build up, and they also contain conductive metal parts. Am I correct or just thinking too much into it?

Cheers :)


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Just a cautionary tale. A M8 had his steels on riding to work on his M/Bike and had a minor accident except that whatever way he landed the toe cap in one boot folded up and clipped off the front of his foot.
Party trick afterwards where he wasn't known was for somebody to hold him and some of us nail his (foot) to the floor.
We got barred from a few places for that stunt.


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Snickers trousers, snickers hoody and trainers for me!!
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