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Hoping to get a 2nd opinion please. We are fitting out a new room and will be wall mounting the TV. We want all connections to be hidden behind the TV. The problem is that a standard mains socket and plug is too deep behind the TV so TV sticks out too far.

Currently, in another room. We have a Fused outlet such as this one behind the TV and then it is switched from another switch at skirting level (to allow it to be switched on/off without removing TV from wall). The TV cable (IEC Plug) is then hardwired into the Fused outlet.

The electrical contractor onsite has said this is not a safe approach and has installed a standard 3 pin socket instead behind TV.

Is the fused outlet approach valid and within regulations?

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change the socket for a fused conn, unit and hard wire the TV flex
into it. 3A fuse.
A switch fuse connection unit (spur) falls under the same group of standards as a 13A socket so it is fine.
If you are installing a switch at low level I would make that the Fused connection unit and install a flex outlet plate behind the TV to connect the TV cable into.


By a projector and a 15 ft screen to wind the electrician up,

I may be joking...........

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I can’t see any problem with the FCU particularly as you mention the TV has an IEC60320 inlet.

Had the TV been hardwired with a moulded 13A plugtop attached, then a 13A socket would be preferable to an FCU, as you may invalidate any warranty on the TV by severing the plugtop.


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Don't often disagree with Tony but there's nothing wrong with removing the plug from an appliance. It's no different to replacing a plug that has got damaged.


is the tv New then keep the plug on .
Or get a replacement plug lead .
if you have a fault on tv and needs replacement then store the old one .
And try and save the box for one year if needed.
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