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Looking for hosting with unlimited bandwidth

First, I am looking for a web hosting that bills monthly. I don't want to pay in advance and get stuck with a provider, but I can't seem to find many sites advertising them. I see hostgator on hosting review sites but they require yearly payment for the low price. suggestions please?
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I got a domain name and webhosting for 2 years for £50 from If you go to my site and click the streamline box on my reviews page then I get money off my subscription if you sign up.

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Also forgot to add that I built the site with MS Publisher (it came with MS Office) and it was a scoooosh to build although it has a couple of things that building by html code does not have but then again it did not cost me a penny so I am reasonably happy with it and I am learning how to fine tune it every day. I also run another site for free via my web hoster and use this as a fallback as I have recently started up.

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PS the hyperlink names above are not the name of the websites these are the name of the Meta tags you add to the site to allow the search enginges to find you
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Guys just to add to the above your internet privider (most) give you free pwp web space so I would advise that you experiment with this for free and once you are happy then go for web hosting.

Mind you I have changed / updated my site about 20 times since getting it a couple of months ago and building a site is just the start you have to
1.Build a site
2. Set up Meta tags (what ?)
3. Create a Sitemap for the search engines
4. Get code fro Google,Bing,Yahoo so that they can find it
5. Build backlinks (links from other sites)

But it is worth it as this is the way to go but be warned you need to to put a lot of effort into it as joe public just ignores poorly built sites.


I used Web Hosting UK | Affordable & Reliable | Information And Advice to host my site

I built my site using Namo Web editor, it can be as simple or complex as you like. I found it a doddle to use.

One problem I did have was I was running out of space on NameHog so I exported files to a server on Hanover Universities server backbone. Don’t ask how, I just did it. Using Namo I could link files from the Hanover Universities server to NameHog’s UK server on the same page and it would appear seamless.

I had to sever the link to Hanover so approached NameHog and they doubled my allocation at no charge.

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