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I was called out to try and sort out flickering Halogen lamps in a lounge. There are a few GET digital dimmers which only control 1 20W LV downlight above pictures. Having spoken to there technical folks they said that the minimum load for these dimmers are 60W, so i replaced the lamp with a 50W and it worked a bit better but not for a great deal of time. I did some research and found that danlers do a reactive load which you can place in front of the transformers to fool the dimmer into thinking it has the right power on the circuit. Having spoken to Danlers about the problem they said they have never tired there reactive loads with other makes of dimmers, so my question is has anyone come across this problem, and would it work. as i don't want to break the dimmers if i put them in.



Danlers Resload is a power resistor mounted on a heatsink, selected to provide a 10W minimum load usually for dimmers controlling LED lamps. If you intend to use this as a solution to your problem you will require a least 4 Resloads (with a single 20W lamp) to compensate for the 60W minimum load of your dimmer, this is obviously inefficient and costly (£80+), plus there is the problem of where to put these loads so they can dissipate the heat safely. A cheaper and better solution would be to change the dimmer for one that requires a much lower minimum load, ideally <20W so that load resistors are not required. Or alternatively, you could try to persuade your customer to add two or more pictures and extend the existing circuit to include the extra lamps required.
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