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i know this will seem a bit random seeing as winter is coming to an end soonish but i want gloves for protection more than anything. is there anyone else out there with small hands?! cant find protective gloves that come in anything less than large or x large. rediculous if u ask me. and no i cant rele get away with wearing large, theres like an extra inch on each finger.

well basically just wanted to know if you've seen any half decent protective gloves in medium?! or if im really lucky.. small! irwin, snickers and dewalt all do good semi-fingerless (like thumb and 2 fingers) which look perfect except they're huge.


cheers, james!
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I picked up a few pairs of thinsulate gloves from Oswald Baileys outdoor store.

They are not heavy duty but keep my hands warm.

Adam W

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I use Ansell Hyflex foam 11-800. They're not fingerless, but they're only about £2 per pair, they come in a range of sizes and they stop your hands getting torn to shreds.
i got some figerless ons from b&q there not bad

got some other ones what my brother got me what are a tight fit not finger less though but keep your hands warm better then above


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Well Thursdays I like my red lace ones with the..........oops sorry getting carried away! :D

Not sure about sizes but these guys offer a range of gloves, you could always email them or call them?

Dewalt Trade Gloves
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Haha cheers guys, yeah call me a wise but I just wana protect my hands a bit :).like when someone pullin cable through joists or wherever n you're feedin it in, he always takes a bit of skin off haha bloody hurts! Act only just found some good gloves in toolstation catalogue pretty cheap and apparently in med. thanks then guys

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