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Good Morning Thread - Come say good morning, tell us what you've got on today. :)

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We have this thread on and it's just been restarted because the old thread had 20,000 replies and 500,000 views. And there were 700 pages. Started to lag a bit on slow connections.

I think we had a bash of this before, but I can't find the thread, so thought I'd start another one off.

If you have time in the mornings, come post in the thread before you head off to work, let us know what you've got on and what the weather is like in your area etc. Anything at all is fine. :)

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If I had my time over again I'd make sure that I could speak another language fluently, I'd choose Spanish again, and also be able to play a musical instrument well.
You'll always be able to make some kind of living with those two skills, even if it is a fairly meagre existence. However, a friend's son works for PWC and when they discovered his language skills they posted him abroad, he now lives in Madrid, and his promotion was meteoric leaving his peers behind...and all because he was fluent in Spanish.

Anyway, what have I got planned for this morning? I had a lazy start, and having just returned from my break I'm doing a washing and heading to the supermarket to get some food in. Exciting, huh?
The view from my 'office' yesterday. Was the same today up until about 1/2 hour ago when it started chucking it down
Ah, Littlebrook. I spent a few weeks at the power station many years ago. After it was decommissioned I believe they used it for a while for practising London underground rescues. They had 'crashed' trains set up in the turbine Hall.
I actually found a restaurant that knew the difference between Eggs Benedict, Eggs Rockefeller and Eggs Viennese been looking for years.
Gees… my choice was fried, poached or boiled.

Free range though…. Direct out the hen.

(Not our hens…. Local farmer sells trays of 30 for a fiver)

Did get this though….

We are lucky that our next door neighbour keeps chickens in her field, often get six eggs in a carton on the doorstep in the morning the difference between cracking a fresh egg into boiling water and an old egg is quite surprising.
I started the day with a bacon omelette. Got messages around 9.30 off the 2 kids wishing me a happy fathers day. I'll be spending the next few hours in front of the set up below then hopefully we'll have the permit to reconnect the gen transformer. So, my main view today

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