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I'm 24 currently working on site as a shuttering carpenter. I have a business degree but feel through experience that an office job is not for me and as I have worked most summers and now for the last 7 months on site I feel it is more for me. The prospects in shuttering carpentry however are limited and I have always had an interest in electrical work. I have found a weekend course (C & G 2330) through Not A Chance which is done over 9months and would seem to fit in with work. Basically I would like to ask if you guys feel that there is still work out there or whether the industry has saturated? Another thing I would like to find out is whether the C & G 2330 would be enough for me to begin work on a site commercially or domestically.
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Although work is tight there will always be employers taking on same old same old....

although 2330 is a start you prob gonna be looking at:
2330 2-3 years depending on college course etc
17th edition
2391 inspect test
also prob looking at jib card for site work so you need pretty much all above to get approved
i think the problem will be timing, its true the work is out there but an employer is going to be looking for experience aswell and there is no shortage of experienced labour, i sugest do the training as mentioned before but be prepared to get a few knock backs when qualified. good luck.


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Hey Jimmy.

Go for it, do the training as once you've got the quals no-one can take then away from you.

As the lads have said times is hard and you may find it difficult to get experience but it wont be forever. When come through this tricky financial period work will increase and you will be at the front of the queue, fully qualified.


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