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having a bit of trouble at the moment figuring out installation of a ground source heat pump.

The electricicty company have ran two supplies to a new build.
One 240v and the other 415v.

The 415v supply is for the heat pump.

Has anyone out there got any information what so ever on the actual installation requirements for the installation??

Your help would be much appreciated.

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Hi there.

All the ground source heat pumps I've done in the past have been manufactured by a company called - ice energy.

I have to say they are really quite simple to install depending on wether its running central heating (radiators) and hot water or underfloor and hot water.

The biggest problem you're likely to have is providing the supply to the heat pump itself as it is usually a minimum of 63A for single phase i.e 16mm t+e plus 10mm earth run as a seperate sub-main and not from any other c.u.

Three phase is different, i.e easier to split the load over the three phases hence smaller rated supply but possibly in s.w.a.

The only control wiring that needs installing before you actually connect up is

1. outdoor sensor (should be on North facing aspect) - 3core cable I used arctic grade 3 core flex.
2. room sensor - 5 core cable I used standard 5 core flex usually in hallway away from heat sources (radiators) etc
3.You may (depending on system) have a 3 port zone valve to wire back to heat pump - 6 cores required, 2x3core flexes (Heat resistant)
4. Circulating pump - 3 core heat resistant flex

All other control wiring can be done before switch onas its in or next to the heat pump - flow sensors, thermostats etc. Best to check with heating engineer about positions of valves, pumps etc also type of system i.e rads/underfloor

If underfloor then you will have a seperate manifold which will need supply to activate zone controllers and possibly another circulating pump. This would be sepearte from heat pump though and could be run as a 16A radial from any c.u. It should come with it's own control box.

Hope this helps, If you need anything else just ask.



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thanks for your reply thats great. I know that the system needs a seperate c.u but what one do you use and how many ways. I also know i need to run a feed to an ip 65 rated switch thats 0.5m away from the boiler. The system will be running underfloor, central heating and water. Thanks for your help.

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