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Hey all.

Recieved a letter through the post Friday from the above, inviting me to join.

Looks really impressive and seems like it holds a bit of weight. Is anyone else a member or have any views on them?? is it worth it? did it get you anymore work? etc.

Any views welcome.:)
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I also received the mailshot.....they must be having a bit of a marketing campaign..

.....Not much detail in the blurb though !:(



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we also got the mail shot, i think there in need of money at the mo

not clever

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Just another hand over your money well give you a sticker for your van & tell anybody who calls that you are great at what you do..........................Thats you hand over hundreds of pounds a year.

Loads of one man & small builders now displaying the GMC logos in my area.
And yes I've had the mail shot also..........file'd it in the bin same as every other month when it drops through the door.

Heres another one if you are into joining such things, again a few local sparks are members of this lot.
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Have to say i probably wouldnt bother either and agree that there yearly memberships are probably down.


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these companies are just blood suckers. we did'nt go to college for four years just to let some spotty office boy tax our industry , once again! say no! we've got the skills. thin end of the wedge, part p is enough of a double edged sword. rant over, lol


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The guild used to be a membership to be proud of.....Not anymore IMO....now its just as mentioned above...another yearly cost..


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A Guild of Master Craftsmen sounds like a bit of bluff to me, after all, surely it's a Guild or trade specific professional body that defines and polices their tradesmen, Master Craftsmen or whatever they choose to call them. That way they can claim some expertise and experience within their Guilds specialty and provide a meaningful accreditation. How does a Jack of All Trades Guild do that?

Scott F

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Lenny I got the same thing about a week or so a go ,and regardless of whether they are any good or not

,thought I need to be earning more money before I set up another direct debit.I seem to get more calls

wanting me to answer surveys/insursance /just a few questions than I do for work. Like the chap above says

more money for basically a sticker and If youv'e already got the

buisness! Where do you stop.
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