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Just a quickie can anyone see a problem with running 2 20metres of ho7 high tuff rubber cable in to supply 2 125amp DBS the cable will be mounted surface in basket the reason I ask have always used swa cable for this but the guy were working for tomorrow said its better and easy to work with but it has no mechanical protection I said and he said yes it has it's mounted in cable basket your thoughts please
How can a cable support be machanical protection, ok if it was trunking I could be swayed. For me its swa but then who's name goes on the ticket is the door knocked on later.
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Need a mentioned it to the guy Friday originally it was going in trunking which was ok but now cos he's got a load of spare cable basket he's using it i mean it's tuff stuff it's in a photo studio area but something tells me it should be swa but what the hell it's his job follow your last order


Can't see much of a problem myself.used to use hi tuf quite bit back in the day and your right it is tough stuff alright.it was kinda marketed as an upmarket alternative to t&e if my memory is correct.i used to use it for sub mains in big houses and 20 years on they are as good as new when I've been back.
Hi-tuff was marketed decades ago as a good replacement for swa where that level of protection wasn't needed. Used loads of it in industry back in the 80's and I can't see a problem if it is out of the way, above ground in traywork.


it was bit of a barry white to terminate/run when it was cold though.
we used to have a hi tuff stripper sorta like a predecessor to a jokari stripper between 14 of us.
it was always a battle to find who's toolbox it was in when the boss gave you a load of hi tuf to install.i actually quite liked it. it could look quite good if you had something to run it on and dress the cables to.
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