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Does anybody deal with hdmi leads?

Got a customers who wants to loose there through a wall so he can plug his tv in without seeing any leads.

Of course its all decorated and only have a small hole to use, does anyone know how to cut off hdmi leads and redo them? Or buy a reel of cable and make off my own two ends.

Many Thanks


Ethernet to hdmi convertor, around £15 each

Lucien Nunes

I'd agree with the above that an extender using twisted pair cable is probably best here. However if one is in a bind or cannot hide the extender or tolerate any performance limitations it might have, it is possible to cut and re-join HDMI cables if you have reasonable soldering and cable handling skills.

There are four twisted pairs with individual screens, plus six other wires and the overall screen. Other than perhaps on very short cables it is important to maintain the twists and geometry of the cable through the joint, including the screening of the pairs - if you untwist everything and lay it all side by side the impedance mismatch and crosstalk may distort the signal too much to function. I would not try it on a very long (>10m) cable as the transmission performance of these can be marginal anyway.

There are also breakouts to terminals such as which likewise require care in the cable preparation, making sure all pairs are of equal length and twist etc.

E2A here's an example of a similar kind of cable joint with about 20 cores; not actually HDMI and the cable on the left does not have individual screens, so the pairs aren't screened within the joint itself (you can barely see the five twisted pairs anyway.) This was before an overall screen and sleeve was applied to the joint, which was designed to pass through an 8mm hole. The original cables were too short so there were two of these joints in each of them, to splice in a piece of DVI Dual-Link cable.

LVDS panel cable joint.jpg
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