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Any one used this system ,am installing underfloor in my new house was going for 12v heatmiser stats and vh1 heatmiser 12volt control manafold but rep reacons neo is way to go and cheaper ,but never installed it before or herd of it .
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Yes we fit loads of NEO, just go for 230v option coupled to a uh2 for 4 zones for uh3 for 8 zones, make sure you buy the NEO hub and control is a doddle from the iPhone or any smart phone. Very good kit in my view


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Just wondering if u can fit it to 12 volts stats as I have all ready wired the cat5 e for the 13 stats through out???


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looking to instal this in my house
Also - forgot to mention - if you have a hot water tank you can buy a hot water timer and run it off the NEO app also - or if you have any rads in the heating system these two can be controlled via a NEO stat and the app. So the whole heating system on one app.


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this is my existing set up

do you think it looks compatable?
Yes it looks fine - but a site survey would be best by a local installer to confirm before committing to it.


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thanks, have been looking at different options and favouring this one appreciate your time to comment


Just doing one of out typical jobs: a stream feed (GS) heat pump jobs with ufh downstairs and "oversized" rads upstairs plus DHW all on Neo230V,

So downstairs we've got:
5 NeoStats, plus 2 NeoStats with remote stats - one wet room, other kitchen but controller outside of kitchen, plus one NeoStat in timer mode to control a single rad for health reasons, all the above (including the rad) off a 12 port manifold and UH3

NeoSat DHW for the (unvented) cylinder - as it's a heat pump this is wired to the heatpump's three port controls. (The DHW model is basically a NeoStat in timer mode PLUS it has a heat off terminal on the timer.)

Upstairs heating:
NeoStat at the end of a long corridor so not affected by donwstairs for the radiators and towel rails all with TRV's on a normal zone valve. We've then got a 'Summer' profile on the upstairs Neo to ensure that the towel rails are still warm, and they just crank down the TRV's in the other areas, so it is effectively in timer mode.

As there's a properly sized buffer tank in the system we can quite happily run the heating and DHW at the same time even though the Heat Pump only works in one mode at a time.

All that then linked to the Neohub:) so firstly they can control it all from a tablet (or buy a hudl2 if they haven't got one :) ) as they get close to home the heating comes one (NeoStat Geolocation feature :) )

If only we could marry what you can get out of Honeywell Evo (zones by linking rad stats) and Heatmiser Neo, we'd be energy efficiency heaven!


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Hello Gordon. I in here too?

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