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I am currently thinking seriously about a career change at the age of 48. I currently work as an audio engineer for a production company but am fed up with sitting on my backside mixing sound for most of the day. Any interesting work available in this industry would mean a drop in salary which I can't afford with a wife, 2 kids and a big fat mortgage.
I have an HNC in electronics which I achieved about 12 yrs ago and have done electronic repair, maintenance, and installation so have a technical background.
I have been comparing training centres and am confused by the conflicting information.
Basically I would like to get the necessary qualifications to start carrying out domestic installation/testing and to be able to sign off my own work.
It looks like as a minimum I need Part P and 2382 (17th edition). If I get these will I be able to legally work?
or do I need to register with a body such as Elecsa first?
If they need to inspect my work do I have to have it signed off by a Part P registered electrician as well?
Why do people spend thousands of pounds on 2330 Level1,2,3 if they can do a 5 day foundation course and 2382+ Part P?
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but i'm a little confused and don't want to part with any cash until I'm sure of what I should do.
PS- anyone had experience with Builder Training Centre? they seem to be the cheapest.
PPS- Is it worth doing PAT testing course, ie- is there any money in it?
Many thanks for reading : )



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Hi Tony and welcome

Have a look at Plumbing course | Construction Training | Electrician Courses | DIY Skills I did my part P with them and can recommend them as very very good.

Whoever you choose once you have your part P you can do electrical work in anyones house but you must inform building control first.

When you register with NICEIC or whoever suits you they come out and assess you. Providing you pass this you can then self certify and no need to inform building control.

Hope that helps



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Thanks for that, excuse my ignorance but if I have to inform building control, does that mean I have to pay somebody to come out and sign the work off?




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Yes mate thats why its best to join an organisation. Nothing stopping you doing the work on your own house. I think they all require 1 notifiable and 1 non notifiable job.

It may be worth contacting your own building control and asking them if they want to get involved with your two jobs stressing that they are going to be assessed anyway.

Give Not A Chance a ring no hard sell but they will guide you as to the best way to go and I would also go to business link (free service) and they will guide you along the right lines to set up your own business.


Andy Smith

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hi tonym, welcome and good luck with your career change.


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Hello and welcome also Tony
Also Tony.


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Hi Tony and welcome.

The idea of being registered with a scheme provider is so that you DONT have to inform building control at all, until the job is finished and certified.

On another note, the building industry in general is in a bad way, and i would say that if you have current employment, i for one, would not jump ship anytime soon.

There are many experienced and qualified electricians struggling to find work, and to be honest, any jobs that are available will go to them first.

Having said that, if you can train up whilst holding on tot your current job, then once you have done all that, the economy may have sorted itself out.


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Hi tony,
Seem like a decent bunch of blokes on here, hope you get where you need to be, mate.
It is difficult to with so much information and course providers.
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