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Just to introduce myself.

My name is Richie. I'm a rag'ass factory spark, been so since 1994 where I commenced an apprenticeship at a frozen food factory in North Wales. After my apprenticeship, gaining BTEC ONC in electrical engineering, NVQIII in engineering maintenance and CGLI 2360, I got involved with factory utilities maintenance (refrigeration, steam, vacuum, pneumatics, water services, effluents, etc...) and programmable logic controllers.

I went on to get 16th Edition regs and more recently 17th. I put myself through the Inspection & Testing back in 2001, AutoCAD 2D course for schematics and a 3 year plc course on Allen-Bradley.

Further employment allowed me to get certified in Siemens S5 and S7.

Other employers in my CV were manufacturers of disposable catering products (such as McDonald's cups and napkins), an injection moulding plant (coke and lucozade bottle preforms) and I'm currently at a beverage packaging plant (the black stuff). So I have a varied industrial background, with diverse experience and knowledge from differing environments.

I enjoy working with electrics. I enjoy tinkering. I'm not too proud to ask for advice and learn plus I also love to share learning. I have shed loads of 'digital' info that may help others develop a strong understanding of our subjects.

I stumbled upon this site by accident. I usually visit a DIY forum though this site seems more specialised. I usually prefer reading stories on peoples experiences with this trade yet love a challenge of finding info to members' questions. I typically remain in the background til I have something to say.

I'd like to progress onto C&G 2391-20; Design & verification. It'll be self-funded. I can't seem to locate a course local to myself in Wrexham.

So... that's me. I look forward to meeting you all.

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Hi and welcome to the forums...


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Hello and welcome to electricians forums.co.uk


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Thanks for the welcome, guys, hope to converse with you soon. I'll probably stalk the industrial section for the time being, although I take great interest in the dom side! ;)

I have recently moved into a 1968 dormer with wiring as old and an open-backed Wylex 6 way BS3036 CU into the cavity wall. New CU to go in.

Again thanks for the pleasant welcome.

Take care.

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